Twitter new feature ‘Choose who can reply to your Tweet’ in testing phase

Twitter is testing a brand new feature which will enable users to choose who can reply to their tweets. Currently this feature is in testing phase and only small group of users on twitter are allowed to use this feature.

Details about Selective replies

When the user tweets then the user will be able to choose from 3 options about who can reply to their tweets. The three options are as follows :

  1. Everyone :- In this option anyone who sees the tweet can reply to your tweet. This is the default option. It is same as you normally tweet currently. Also if your tweets are protected then only the people who follow you will be able to reply.
  2. People You Follow :- If you select this option then only the people who follow you can reply to your tweet.
  3. Only people you mention using @ in tweet :- Here only those people can reply who are mentioned by you in the tweet using @.

What about Likes, Retweets, Vote and Tweet Visibility?

The restriction on replies will not restrict anyone from Liking, Retweeting or voting a poll in your tweet. Also everyone will be able to view your tweet despite restrictions on replies.

How to use this feature?

Follow below steps to use the feature (Although it may not be available for you currently since Twitter is still testing it) :-

  1. When you start writing a tweet then at bottom of tweeting box there will be a small globe icon with ‘Everyone can reply’ option selected as default.
  2. Click on the globe icon to display all the 3 options of the features – ‘Everyone’, ‘People you follow’, ‘Only people you mention’. Now you can select any of the 3 options to restrict who can reply to your tweet.

Important Points :-

  • The reply restrictions applied on the tweet cannot be edited or changed once you have published the tweet.
  • The replies and retweets of the tweet will inherit the restrictions of the original tweet. However, when we ‘Retweet with Comments’, it will not inherit restrictions of original tweet.

What do you think about new feature of Twitter?


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