Get Class Name in Java

There are many times when we may need to know the class name of the object being used. Example :- If we are iterating a list of different objects and we need to know the class name of the objects.

To know the class name we use objectName.getClass().getName()

Let us look at an example code:

public class Tech4Humans {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		DummyClass dum=new DummyClass();
		// using object name(dum) to get class name

class DummyClass{
	int num;
	String str;
	void test() {
		// to get current class name we use this keyword
		System.out.println("My class name is = "+this.getClass().getName());


My class name is = DummyClass

You can see in the above code that to get a class name we are using object name(dum) to access the getClass().getName() method. Also to get current class name we use this keyword.



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